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The Organization
Founded in 1867 as the Augusta Institute in Augusta, Ga., Morehouse College is the nation's largest liberal arts college dedicated to the education, empowerment and leadership development of African American men. The mission of Morehouse College is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. As the nation's only male higher education institution for African Americans, Morehouse gives special emphasis to the African American experiences and the impact that people of the African diaspora have made in a global context.

Historically, Morehouse has conferred baccalaureate degrees on more African American men than any other college or university in the United States. Morehouse College is committed to providing a comprehensive academic, social and spiritual experience that prepares young black men for leadership and success in the larger society. The College provides a rigorous academic curriculum with a focus on leadership development, scholarship, research and global awareness and a student development co-curriculum that enhances self-awareness and actualization through—but not limited to—opportunities for service learning and travel abroad studies. It strives to be known as a global resource for educated and ethical leaders.

Morehouse graduates are leaders that have had a remarkable impact on the world. Many go on to positions of power and authority in business, government and the nonprofit sector. Distinguished Morehouse Men include: Nobel laureate Martin Luther King Jr., theologian Howard Thurman, filmmaker Shelton "Spike" Lee, actor Samuel L. Jackson, former Godfather's Pizza CEO and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, Olympic gold medalist Edwin Moses, former Bank of America Chairman Walter E. Massey, the first African American Mayor of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Louis W. Sullivan, and former United States Surgeon General David Satcher. Morehouse is one of only two Historically Black Colleges/Universities to produce three Rhodes Scholars. Organization, Position & Person Profile Morehouse College 3 A private college, Morehouse is situated on a 66-acre campus located near downtown Atlanta. It is part of the Atlanta University Center, which also includes the all-female Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse School of Medicine and the Interdenominational Theological Center.

The College's enrollment of approximately 2,600 students comes from more than 40 states and 27 foreign countries. One hundred and sixty-six (166) full-time and sixty-seven (67) part-time faculty members are employed by the College. All tenure-track and tenured faculty members hold a doctoral degree. The Morehouse College faculty is known not only for its teaching skills, but for its dedication and commitment to producing educated young men of talent, integrity and with a sense of service.

The College offers the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 26 majors in three academic divisions: Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, and Business Administration and Economics. In 1969, the College developed a dual-degree program in engineering with the Georgia Institute of Technology, and has since established additional dual-degree programs with several prominent institutions, including the University of Michigan. To enhance its challenging liberal arts curriculum, Morehouse offers a number of programs and activities through the Leadership Center at Morehouse College, the Morehouse Research Institute and the Office of Global Education and the Andrew Young Center for International Affairs. The student-faculty ratio at Morehouse College is 13:1, and 44.9 percent of the classes offered by the College enroll fewer than 20 students. Sixty percent of the students live in college-owned and operated housing; with 40 percent residing off campus.

A recent report by the Washington Monthly magazine recognized Morehouse as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country for the second consecutive year. The Wall Street Journal listed the College (for the second time) as one of the leading 50 feeder schools to the nation's top five MBA, medical and law programs. The College was ranked No. 29 nationally among this elite group of schools and No. 2 among the Southern schools included in the Organization, Position & Person Profile Morehouse College 4 rankings.

Newsweek ranks Morehouse among the Best Colleges for the Service Minded, and Forbes has named Morehouse among its 10 Best Schools for Networking. In the past 10 years, Black Enterprise magazine has ranked Morehouse College three times as the top college in the nation for educating African American students. Morehouse was one of only four Historically Black Colleges and Universities ranked in the top tier among the nation's best liberal arts colleges in 2011 by U.S. News & World Report.

Accredited and re-affirmed in 2008 by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), Morehouse is one of five Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and one of four undergraduate institutions in Georgia with a Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society chapter. The College also is one of only four liberal arts colleges in the nation holding both an accreditation by the International Association for Management Education and a chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society.

SACS requires each college to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Morehouse chose "globalization" as its QEP, which indicates the commitment that the College has to exposing students and faculty to global issues and programs. Morehouse College is a member of the American Association of Higher Education, American Council of Education, Association of Private Colleges & Universities in Georgia; National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, National Association of Independent Colleges & Universities, UNCF/The College Fund, Georgia Research Alliance, the Associated Colleges of the South and the Atlanta University Consortium. Morehouse College is also part of the NCAA II athletic conference.

Morehouse College has a very robust and comprehensive five year strategic plan that includes a rigorous academic experience, leadership development, job preparation and training, identity formation and service opportunities. In addition, the Board of Trustees recently identified key components of what separates Morehouse from other institutions. These components include a Organization, Position & Person Profile Morehouse College 5 distinctive student body; distinctive student development; excellent teaching; a strong academic and co-curricular program; and a sustainable business model.


The Position
The President is the chief executive officer of Morehouse College, responsible for the leadership and overall management of all academic, business, fiscal and administrative operations of the College.

In collaboration with the Board of Trustees and the executive management team, the President provides leadership for the College consistent with the direction set by the Board.

Responsible for an approximately $100 million annual operating budget and an endowment of nearly $135 million, the President works with the College's faculty, staff and student body to foster an active, integrated and accountable learning environment that inspires scholarship and service as well as dedication to excellence. The President of Morehouse College is a strong voice around the world and is the embodiment of the Morehouse mission. The individual is a prominent national figure representing the College to individuals, corporations, governments, foundations, international agencies, and other academic institutions.

The President's direct reports include:

  • Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs/Provost
  • Vice President, Student Services
  • Vice President, Business and Finance/CFO
  • Vice President, Campus Operations
  • Vice President, Institutional Advancement
  • Chief Internal Auditor
  • General Counsel


Specific Responsibilities
Working closely with the Board of Trustees, the President develops and implements a strategic vision for Morehouse College. The President is the primary driving force behind efforts to ensure that Morehouse achieves its mission.

The President is also responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive, strategic and fiscally responsible budgets for the College.

The President assures the effective stewardship and management of the human, financial and capital resources of the College, ensuring efficacy, fiscal soundness and accountability for the delivery of high-quality education.

Working with key faculty and administrators, the primary foci of the President shall be:

  • Increasing and shaping student enrollment;
  • Insuring a customer-focused culture in its administration and student support operations;
  • Building and sustaining effective academic and leadership programs;
  • Attracting and retaining high quality faculty; and
  • Creating and implementing a flexible and dynamic business model that assures a fully-funded budget with an adequate surplus.

The President provides leadership that advances Morehouse's recognition among the elite and leading institutions of higher education in the nation and the world while, maintaining an emphasis on moral leadership.

This individual is the College's primary fundraiser and its chief ambassador to corporations, foundations, and major individual donors, including alumni and Trustees. As the most prominent champion of the College's interests and its mission, the President is the face and voice of the institution internally and externally.

The President plays a major role in attracting, sustaining and developing a faculty committed to producing distinguished and compassionate graduates dedicated to seeking solutions to human, economic and social challenges while leading successful and accomplished lives.

This person must also initiate, build and maintain strong relationships with alumni, creating a true sense of belonging to and support for their alma mater.

The President will work closely and collegially with senior College administrators to build and expand enrollment, increase the endowment and continue to maintain and advance the academic quality and reputation of Morehouse College.


The Person
The President of Morehouse must be a visionary leader and highly respected manager with the unquestionable ability to inspire students, faculty and staff to achieve the highest levels of excellence.

This individual is an executive with effective business skills and financial acumen - able to make the most of every resource available and to develop new resources to meet existing and future needs. The successful candidate is someone who can bring business discipline to an educational institution, while understanding and respecting the academic environment. The President must possess the business skills, knowledge and strategic ability to move the College away from a tuition-driven business model.

The successful candidate must be an exceptional fundraiser, able to build financial support for the institution among alumni, corporations, foundations and major individual donors and able to garner resources from the government. The candidate understands the unique value of the Morehouse brand and legacy and is able to use that to garner new and greater resources for the College. This individual should be comfortable in every venue—from the corporate executive suite to small gatherings of alumni, faculty members or business and corporate leaders.

The President must recognize the competitive nature of today's academy and is skilled and strategic in helping recruit smart, talented students, accomplished faculty, administrators and staff. Results oriented and dynamic, the individual has demonstrated the ability to create effective, efficient management teams and possesses the ability to inspire excellence throughout an organization. This person recognizes talent, nurtures and promotes it throughout the organization.

This person demonstrates solid judgment; strong, articulate, analytical and insightful stewardship and effective decision-making. The successful candidate must demonstrate strong financial management and budgeting skills.

The successful candidate is a genuine transformer—a driver of constructive change that keeps the College current and in sync with the educational, social and ethical demands placed on today's successful young professionals. This person is not content simply to manage what exists but is skilled and driven to build and improve it.

The College's leader must demonstrate a sound understanding of and deep respect for the historic legacy and mission of Morehouse, coupled with a commitment to maintaining and advancing the College's position as a leader in developing and expanding educational programs that equip students to become leaders in their chosen fields and in society.

The President must be an excellent communicator, able to explain, advance and build support for Morehouse's mission and inspire individuals inside and outside the College to support it. This person is able to communicate and interact with faculty, staff and students both formally and informally. The candidate must be equally comfortable in the dining room, the cafeteria, the classroom, the boardroom and the field.

This person is committed to accountability, sets goals and articulates them clearly to all appropriate constituencies and regularly measures progress towards them. This person welcomes opportunities to explain the rationale for goals that have been set, is not threatened by questions or debate but is a decision maker who makes the tough calls.

The successful candidate must be highly collegial, genuinely interested in the views of others, but not reluctant to make difficult decisions necessary to advance the overall interests of the College. The ability to effectively work with and report to a high-profile governing board is essential. The successful candidate must know how to collaborate with such a Board in developing and achieving a cohesive, consistent vision and direction for the institution as well as work closely with Board members to attract and grow financial support for the College.

The successful candidate is an effective, charismatic executive who may come from academia, government/non-profit sector or the business world. This individual should hold a terminal degree in their field and be able to demonstrate exceptional, effective fiscal and organizational leadership in a complex institutional environment.


Personal Characteristics
This person is an exceptional leader, thinker and colleague who embodies the exemplary characteristics Morehouse strives to produce in its graduates.

The individual chosen to become the President of Morehouse must model and emulate strong ethical behavior and moral values, with a commitment to both social justice and the level of excellence that Morehouse nurtures in its students.

For the successful candidate, a true calling is providing Morehouse students with an exceptional education and essential leadership skills requisite for professional and personal success in today's world.

Organization, Position & Person Profile Morehouse College 10 This person is in touch with current business and professional demands and is intellectually curious about a broad array of topics that impact today's world. The candidate has high personal as well as institutional expectations. Notwithstanding limited resources periodically, the successful candidate often exceeds goals and inspires others to excellence.

Although accomplished and successful, this person understands what is personally motivating as well as what spurs others to action. Not content with the status quo, the candidate is always open to constructive change—but not change for the sake of change.

This individual possesses a strong appreciation for Morehouse's responsibilities to all of its constituencies, both internal and external. The successful candidate is an authentic, ethical and honest individual who leads by example. This person is success oriented and assists others in achieving success.

The President must be committed to the principles of intellectual development and academic freedom and have demonstrated such commitment throughout their career.

This individual has an overarching commitment to education in general as well as a critical understanding of the economic and social value of education to all humanity and the African-American community in particular.

Possessing the ability to anticipate the future demands that a dynamic society will make on the College and its graduates, the President must be a strong, effective proponent—both inside and outside the institution—for changes that will keep Morehouse on the cutting edge of educational progress and development. The President must fully understands the nature and scope of the task which will ultimately have to be confronted—that of producing future generations of exceptional leaders—and this individual has the courage, dedication, insight and skills essential to accomplishing that task.


Application/Nomination Process
Heidrick & Struggles, Inc. is assisting Morehouse College with this search. Applications should include a curriculum vitae and a letter of interest. Inquiries, applications, and nominations should be directed to:

Morehouse College Presidential Search
Heidrick & Struggles, Inc.
Attn: Nathaniel Sutton / Ellen Brown Landers
1114 Avenue of the Americas, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Telephone: 212-551-0536
Fax: 212-551-3427
Email: morehouse@heidrick.com

Morehouse College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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