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About Morehouse College
In 2013, Morehouse celebrates the 100th anniversary of the naming of the College in honor of Henry Lyman Morehouse, the corresponding secretary of the Northern Baptist Home Mission Society.


Today, more than ever, the College's reputation --- its public image --- directly influences its ability to recruit students, faculty and staff; raise funds, cope with change; weather controversy; and compete in today's higher education marketplace. 

Morehouse must continue to build upon its considerable strengths, which include proud traditions, promising students, dedicated faculty and staff, and an international reputation for academic excellence and for producing exceptional men with a steadfast commitment to scholarship, leadership and service.

The Office of Communications is responsible for protecting and enhancing the reputation of Morehouse College and, in doing so, providing the public relations support required in establishing Morehouse as a world-class institution. The support we provide encompasses the following areas of responsibility:

  • public relations and strategic communications
  • media relations
  • publications
  • campus photography
  • web development
  • advertising

Within our community, we all have a role to play in safeguarding the College's reputation and public image. It is vital that our visual images and messages --- from the use of the seal and logos to the selection of photography depicting campus life --- be distinctive, accurate and consistent with our branding and marketing program.