The Renaissance Room is supported and maintained by the Morehouse College Parents Council.  Any student in need of basic apparel: a shirt, a tie, socks, slacks, a suit, sweater or even a pair of shoes, may come to claim gently used garments and accessories. 

Students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and friends of the College are invited to make donations to the “Renaissance Room”. Small, medium and large size T-Shirts, underwear and socks are needed at this time.  These personal items we only accept new.

Note: new gently used and CLEAN items are most welcome!  The Renaissance Room is located in Forbes Arena right across the hall from the Department of Kinesiology.  Dates and times of closet opening will be posted on the door weekly.  Generally, the hours are Noon-2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All students are welcome to visit! 

To make a donation or to inquire, feel free to contact Mrs. Toni Woods at (404) 429-9550. 

Many thanks to our PARENTS/FAMILIES for your diligence in making the “Renaissance Room” possible!