Innovative Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Strategy Project 



"Encouraging STEM Careers with Innovation"

The iSTEM Strategy project at Morehouse College is designed to provide 8th, 9th, and 10th grade underrepresented students with an innovative approach to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning experiences to increase awareness of careers in STEM disciplines.

The iSTEM program will work with middle school students through the iSTEM Saturday Academy from September 2016 to April 2017 and a summer program from May 31st to June 30, 2017.  

Morehouse College iSTEM is an academic program designed for grades eighth through tenth to increase their exposure to innovation and creativity in the STEM disciplines. iSTEM addresses the need to increase underrepresented minority students in the STEM workforce by inspiring, encouraging, supporting, and creating student interest in STEM at the secondary level. 

This program also incorporates a strong entrepreneurial component and will develop students into future STEM business leaders who will not only participate in the STEM workforce, but also contribute to the expansion of a STEM based economy. 

This program will engage students in a long-term (3 year) STEM technology program that incorporates STEM mentors and role models from academia and industry and will include the Saturday Academy during the academic year, a 4-5 week summer program, and hands-on field experience.    

iSTEM Goals and Objectives   

  1. Increase student awareness and knowledge of educational opportunities and careers in STEM disciplines. 
  2. Increase student knowledge, skills, and practices represented in STEM and/or STEM workforce. 
  3. Increase broadening participation of underrepresented populations in STEM programs and careers.


iSTEM Saturday Academy 2016-2017 Calendar  


September 10th & 24th
October 8th & 22nd
November 5th & 12th
December 3rd & 10th
January 14th & 28th
February 18th & 25th
March 11th & 25th
April 22th & 29th


 iSTEM Instructors

Dr. Tarchell Caruthers & Dr. Yolanda McKee Developmental Algebra (8th & 9th)
Mr. Art Williams & Mr. Gabreil Miller Intermediate Algebra (9th & 10th)
Dr. Ruquanda Epps-Primas & Mr. Hajj Womack Innovation Component
Dr. Georgene Bess Montgomery & Mr. Robert Edwards  English/Communication Component 
Dr. Dwayne Joseph, Dr. Natasha Crosby & Mr. Lawrence Harris Science Component 



Office Contact: 470.639.0493


Mrs. Jamie P. Clayton



Program Manager







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This project is funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) grant (DRL-1512957)NSF_Logo