The Department of Human Resources understands that continuous learning is a critical part of your employment here at Morehouse College and that professional development and training is critical to organizational success. Continuous learning provides opportunities specific to an employee’s position and career goals. Now is the time to take advantage of professional development opportunities that’ll strengthen your skills.


Title III funds are available for the following:

  • Skill-Based and Specialized Training
  • Certifications
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Professional Coaching 

Guidelines for On-Campus Professional Development:

  • Professional Development (PD) will be coordinated by Human Resources
  • PD will be on specific topics determined by Human Resources in support of leadership competencies for every employee: emerging, mid-level, and experienced leaders; feedback for specific topics can be sent directly to Adrian Cheatham, Talent Manager in Human Resources
  • PD will be communicated to all eligible participants; lunch or breakfast may be provided depending on session time(s) and availability of trainers
  • Certificates of completion will be issued for every PD session attended
  • PD attended must be noted on the annual performance evaluation self-assessment and list learning outcomes from PD sessions attended
  • Attendance to a minimum of three (3) PD sessions should be established as an annual performance goal (starting with FY18) 

Guidelines for Off-Campus Professional Development:

  • PD requests off campus must be submitted to the Title III Department APPLY HERE
  • Requests must be approved prior to registering for the course/event or incurring any expense associated with the PD event
  • All applications and supporting documents must be submitted within a reasonable time from the start of the PD event (a minimum of 20 business days before a local PD event or 40 business days before a PD event requiring airfare) in order to seek approval timely form the Title III Department
  • Notification of approval will be provided by Renée Jordan, Title III Program Specialist within ten (10) business days from the submission of the request
  • For additional information, view the Frequently Asked Questions here.

For additional inquiries regarding this program or any other details, please contact Renee Jordan, Title III Program Specialist at 470-639-0497 or Adrian Cheatham, Talent Manager at 470-639-0358 or

Please click below to complete a Professional Development application.