The Department of Human Resources


To assist you with questions concerning your benefits, compensation or recruiting, the Department of Human Resource staff members are listed below. We hope this will be useful to you and we look forward to working with you.

Cassandra Tarver-Ross
Associate Vice President of Human Resources

(470) 639-0514
Fax: (470)639-0972

Adrian Cheatham
Acting Director of Human Resources and Talent Manager
(470) 639-0358
Fax: (470) 639-0972
James Brown
Compensation & Benefits Analyst
(470) 639-0549
Fax: (470) 639-0972
Antonyqua Knox
Compensation & HRIS Analyst
(470) 639-0763
Fax: (470) 639-0972
Mysean Brown
Human Resource Representative
(470) 639-0703
Fax: (470) 639-0972
Shelia Paris
College Receptionist