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What I Do
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Name: Natasha Benton
Title: Technical Support Specialist
Hometown: Greeneville, Miss.
Tenure at Morehouse: 17 years

Something not commonly known about Natasha: As a licensed master cosmetologist and continuing education unit (CEU) provider for the state of Georgia, Benton certifies cosmetologists, hair stylists and nail technicians who have to have CEU credits to renew their licenses.

“I am one of the people who repair desktop and laptop computers for Morehouse’s students and faculty and staff members. When people have a problem with their desktop or laptop, whether it’s a hardware or software issue or it is a virus or spyware, they call us or bring it here and we fix it. It’s pretty constant. Everybody is pretty much always on their computers, because they are so needed now. For the most part, you can’t get along without one. So people are always on them, the computers are always on and something will eventually go wrong.

“Because Morehouse is a teaching and learning environment, I really like the teaching part of my job, I guess because my mom was a teacher and some of that may have rubbed off. But when we get students or anyone else who wants to learn something about their computers, if they are willing to learn, then I’m willing to teach them. Also, the thing I like most is working with hardware. Hardware, you can touch and you can feel. You can manipulate it with your hands. I just prefer to do stuff with my hands.”

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