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'A Lifelong Journey'
Crawford Looks to Add Community-Based Programming to King Collection

As a native Atlantan, Vicki Crawford grew up in the cradle of the civil rights movement and saw up close many of the leaders of the struggle.

She now has the role of a lifetime as the co-director of the Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collection, the treasured assemblage of personal papers, sermons and letters of the movement’s center and Morehouse alumnus, Martin Luther King Jr. ‘48.

Crawford’s addition is part of new initiatives with the 10,000-piece Collection this year. Crawford will assist executive director Clayborne Carson in teaching a new course “Martin Luther King Jr. and the Modern Freedom Struggle.” Visiting scholar Jochen Fried, director of education at the Salzburg Global Seminar, is teaching a class focusing on global citizenship while Walter Fluker, executive director of the Leadership Center at Morehouse College, will teach a course on famed religious scholar and speaker, Howard Thurman ’23.

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Hawthorne’s Recycling Idea Helps Board Opportunity Fund Keep Students in School

Carzie Hawthorne, mechanical services supervisor, got tired of seeing vendors make money by selling the copper and aluminum that comes from the College’s surplus heating and cooling equipment. The College swaps old equipment with vendors for credit on new equipment.

“What’s the best way to support our college and our community and keep some young black men in school?’” he said.

The result is a new recycling program where copper and aluminum are removed from surplus equipment before it is traded. The metal is then sold in bulk and the proceeds go to the Board Opportunity Fund which supports the education of Morehouse students.

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Senior Crown Forum Gives Students Opportunity to Discuss their Four-Year Ethical and Global Education

Twice each semester, seniors will be required to attend the forum in Sale Hall’s Chapel of the Inward Journey specifically designed for them. The one-hour sessions will give them a chance during their final year to gather everything they’ve learned about ethical and globally citizenship and ready themselves to apply it to their post-collegiate lives.

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