Reginald Sharpe Jr.

Daniel Davis Edwards

President, Morehouse College International Chapel Assistants
Major: Religion
Hometown: Lithonia, Ga.
After graduation: Pursuing a master of divinity degree at Yale Divinity School


“I have not had one bad day.  I’ve had stressful days. I’ve had days where I’ve worried about tests.  But there have been no bad days where I just wanted to go home or regretted coming to Morehouse. 

“Every day has been pleasant at Morehouse and that’s because of the random discussion, the random debates, the sporadic conversations in the cafeteria that have been literally life-changing.  Some of my life-changing moments for my ideology or my theology have been reformed and reshaped, not in the classroom, but at the cafeteria table in Chivers Hall or in the Mays Lounge in Benjamin E. Mays Hall.  It’s just been refreshing to be around other African American men who are brilliant and intelligent and who have great plans for the future.”