Dorian Joyner Sr. and Dorian Joyner Jr.

Daniel Davis Edwards

Father and son graduates
Majors: Religion; English
Hometowns: Roosevelt, N.Y.; Lithonia, Ga.
After graduation: Father – pursuing degrees in law and business administration; Son – attending film school


DJSr: I came to Morehouse in 1984 and attended through 1988. I left to build my career. I had a business when I was in school. I was a programmer. Then I started working with this law firm and decided one day that I wanted to practice law. I decided I wanted to become a judge. So, I started on the track and went back to get a paralegal degree. I really like law. It wasn’t necessarily for the money, but for personal achievement. I also decided to come back to finish up my degree. It just so happened that by that time, Dorian Jr. had started at Morehouse and we ended up on the same path.

DJJr: It’s been good to follow in his footsteps. I hear a lot from alumni who say to me that I look a lot like this guy who was here 20 years ago. We both share our knowledge about what we are experiencing at the ’House.

DJSr: Graduating with my son is really exciting. It wasn’t planned, but it is just a very exciting event for us. It’s going to be a proud moment. My mother is turning 80 years old. This will complete for her all three of her children graduating from college and she gets to see her first grandchild graduating from college.

DJJr: The first emotion I expect when I cross that stage to get my diploma will be relief. We are both very busy. He works 80 hours a week and I work 30 hours, so relief will be a big part of it. But most importantly, although he is my father, I’m proud of him as a man because he came back after all of these years to finish.