Statement on Sexual Assault Allegations Posted to Social Media May 3, 2016

Date Released: May 3, 2016

Morehouse College takes any allegation of sexual assault involving our students or other community members seriously. Through our Office of Public Safety and Title IX Office, we work to ensure we fully investigate each and every claim of sexual assault that arises involving our campus.  Today, there is a trending discussion about an alleged sexual assault on social media involving Morehouse College.  The allegations are quite serious and Morehouse openly welcomes the reporting of any such allegation for a full and swift investigation.  

Further, sexual assault is a social justice issue that affects all college campuses, and our students and other students in the AUC remain passionate about Morehouse and the AUC setting the standard for addressing this challenge.  The Morehouse College leadership shares that passion and commitment to getting this right.  Morehouse is the birthplace of the civil rights movement and we welcome a full engagement of our students on this and all such issues.   

As an institution dedicated to academic excellence and intellectual rigor, we want to continue to provide forums for our students to have reasoned, thoughtful and well-informed discussions that yield tangible, institutionalized results.  Morehouse College President, John Silvanus Wilson, who recently openly spoke at a town hall on sexual assault about his encounter with a sexual predator during his youth shared that, “I am committed to ensuring Morehouse makes every effort to get this right on my watch.  This issue is one of the new civil rights issues of our time and as an institution with a deep connection to civil rights movements, we are determined to have an impact.”   

For some time, the College leadership has been working with students from all of the Atlanta University Center institutions to have meaningful dialogue and outline some tangible results. In addition, in the last year, the College has launched new training initiatives, provided a J-mester course option on sexual health and intimacy, and begun the process to revise the Title IX policy to ensure compliance with the new laws and regulations.  

So while the majority of our students are presently in class completing their final exams for the 2016 spring semester, we believe that we must continue to stand boldly on issues of social justice.  To that end, when allegations that our students are involved in activities that negatively impact the safety of anyone, we pause, listen and support those impacted.  At this time Morehouse is in the posture of listening and investigating any alleged misconduct that has been brought to our attention.  

Contact Information:
Cathy Tyler,
Executive Director of Strategic Communications 

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