Date Released: March 8, 2016

In response to last semester’s student activism, the College made a number of promises to advance our approach to handling sexual misconduct cases; mature our collective perspective on women in society; and support our LGBTQ community.  To state the obvious, we began the process of holding a mirror to our community and realized that we have a lot of important work ahead of us in order to adhere to our mission, and to continue to achieve character preeminence as a college, and within our graduates.  The following is a progress report on some of those commitments we made last semester.

We committed to:

  1. Continue to expand and solidify our Title IX office to meet the needs of students in our community that experience sexual violence on our campus to include: (1) furthering collaboration with the Title IX offices at Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University; (2) adding more robust information on a Title IX website; and (3) providing sufficient resources to ensure investigations are handled in a timely and appropriately-sensitive manner.
    • Officials of Atlanta University Center campuses have met to coordinate this work. They are focusing on a review of the adjudication process and communication across the campuses.

  2. Provide robust training and education on Title IX to the entire Morehouse community, including our new students, student leaders, student athletes, faculty, staff and the broader student
    • Students participated in a January semester (J-mester) course focused on sexual health and intimacy provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Stop Rape (Now?) organization.
    • First-year students, RAs, and other student leaders will complete the on-line sexual assault and bystander training, Haven provided by Everfi.

  3. Provide clearer communication about the work that is being done on Morehouse’s campus regarding sexual
    • Web space on the College website is being dedicated to communicating campus-wide initiatives and information related to sexual assault.

  4. Hold community-wide dialogues to fully hear all concerns and ensure that Morehouse sets a new tone and standard for dealing with this important community
    • Monthly student meeting with the President and student members of the AUC community have begun. The first meeting was held in February.
    • A collaboration between Morehouse College and Spelman College to host regular conversations about sexual misconduct and relationships between the two campuses is under development.
    • A campaign, involving various campus offices and varied approaches, to shift the culture and to normalize progressive ideas around sexual misconduct, ethics, and relationships has been launched.

  5. Ensure full compliance with all governing regulations, including Title IX, Campus SAVE, VAWA, Clery and all other relevant regulations to guarantee that students are protected and afforded due process, in sexual misconduct cases.
    • We are currently working to overhaul our Title IX program which will include Deputy Title IX Coordinators who will assist both Complainants and Respondents.  Over the coming months, we will provide updates on our evolving policy and procedures which are aimed at: (1) creating a more supportive environment for victims of sexual assault; (2) clarifying the due process rights of victims and respondents under the College’s policies and procedures; and (3) providing a more timely resolution to allegations of sexual assault.

  6. Reaffirm the college’s commitment to embrace our LGBTQ students.
    • The LGBTQ Task Force is charged with delivering a strategy for academic offerings and readings, devising a faculty and staff training/education program, and securing a non-discrimination clause. Delivery is due by June 2016.
    • The Division of Student Development is charged with creating a men against violence organization, a Greek Letter initiative, a student training/education program, safer living & learning experience, and better support services, including a resource center. Delivery is due by June 2016
      • A leadership training was held the third week of March on LGBTQ issues, gender based issues, and sexual assault.
      • Meetings for the creation of the LGBTQ Resource Center have begun.

Please visit this site regularly to receive updates on the progress we are making to embrace our diverse student community and to realize character preeminence in pursuit of the World of Our Dreams.

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