Update on Water in Graves Hall

Date Released: April 6, 2016

9:17 p.m.

The hot water is on and the discoloration has dissipated.  

2:18 p.m.

  • The commercial grade, heated water storage tank at Graves Hall completely failed after efforts to keep it fully operable without disruption this academic year.  
  • The Office of Housing and Residential Life informed students Monday afternoon, April 4, 2016, through GroupMe, OHRL’s routine messaging tool, that the water storage tank would need replacing and would result in the loss of hot water for 3 to 4 days in Graves Hall.  
  • As a result of this complete equipment failure and the need for a replacement, the tank had to be ordered because it is not a “shelf” item that is readily  available.  
  • Although we expected to get the new tank and have it installed within 3 to 4 days, our campus operations team was fortunate enough to receive one sooner and began the installation Tuesday morning.  
  • The work to get this large piece of heavy equipment installed has begun.  We expect a new estimated time for completion to be later today (Wednesday).  
  • Any water discoloration is a result of the low water level in the water storage tank, which was caused by a leak — the primary cause of the failure.  There is NOT any sort of systemic issue with the water quality on campus.
  • Once the hot water storage tank is replaced and the water level returns to the appropriate capacity, the hot water will be restored and the discoloration should not be a continued problem.  
  • Students have been advised that, temporarily, they can go to Archer Hall and/or Robert Hall, which are about 100 & 300 feet away, respectively, for showers and other uses that require hot water.  
  • OHRL will provide bottled water to students in the interim until the hot water is restored and discoloration ceases, as expected, once the heated water storage tank is replaced.  

We will continue to update you.

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