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Beginning with the 2006-2007 academic year, Morehouse College changed the way it disburses refunds to students. In its quest to enhance customer service and improve the delivery of critical financial resources to students in a more secure and customer-friendly environment, the College adopted a refund management system that expanded the refund option from paper check only to online refunds with three refund options in accordance with the student's preferred method of payment.

Morehouse partnered with HigherOne which is now Bank Mobile One Vibe, which has become the standard of service for American higher education institutions. It is a computer-driven, customer-friendly financial services company, which has a unique understanding of students' needs, having provided and specialized in refund management and banking services to colleges and universities and their students across the United States since 2000. HigherOne experienced record growth in it OneDisburse Refund program during 2009 and now enjoys serving at least 2.3 million students on 367 campuses. Several colleges and universities in metropolitan Atlanta, even more in Georgia, rely on HigherOne to help them provide fast and convenient refund access to students. Among its clientele are Atlanta Metropolitan College, Atlanta Technical College, Fort Valley State College, Albany State College, Macon State College, and Georgia Perimeter.

Bank Mobile Vibe program offers students three options for receiving student refunds. The three choices, which the student may change on line at any time, are listed below:

  1. Easy Refund - The student chooses to receive money directly to the free checking account associated with the HigherOne Card. Using the card as a MasterCard/debit card, the student can access the money immediately (within minutes) write checks, or draw cash at ATMs.
  2. ACH to a 3rd-Party Bank - The student submits the required information to receive money via direct deposit to a bank of his choice within one business day. 
  3. Paper Check - A paper check is mailed to the student at the address he specifies. The check will be mailed within two business days. Postal delivery time is not included in these two days.

Financial services offered by Bank Mobile include a free checking account with unique features. Each student receives a co-branded HigherOne Refund Card that may be activated via a secure branded website. All students are offered the choice of a free checking account with a MasterCard/debit card without pre-qualification. During activation of the HigherOne Refund Card, students may choose to open a free checking account connected with the card or select how they would like to receive any refund owed to them by the College.

Students may use the Bank Mobile Refund Card for primary bank access, as a MasterCard/debit card to retrieve cash from ATMs, to make purchases on and off campus, to transfer money electronically, and to monitor their accounts 24/7 through the Morehouse OneAccount website. Friends and family may also deposit money directly into a student's OneAccount.

Enrollment in the OneDisburse Refund Management Program offers several benefits to the student and the College. The College lowers its cost (for check preparation and personnel to distribute paper checks on a weekly basis) and improves student and customer service. The student receives expeditious and easy access to his financial resources; the convenience of free checking or the option to maintain an on-going relationship with an established financial institution; cost savings (no paying check cashing facilities and banks to cash checks); security (not having to carry large sums of cash, subjecting himself to robbery; convenience (not standing in long lines to claim refund checks); and round-the-clock customer service (receive telephone assistance and get exceptions handled directly by HigherOne, and the option to monitor his account online 24/7 through the Morehouse OneAccount website. In the final analysis, the student benefits from a vast improvement in refund payment experience.

Please be assured that the OneDisburse Refund Management Program is the most efficient, student-centered, and cost-effective way of making payments to students. To activate your card, go to To get fast answers to your questions, go to

For more information about the Easy Refund Card, contact Student Financial Services via email at, by phone at (470) 639-0494 or (470) 639-0523, or by stopping by Gloster Hall, Room 200B.

We look forward to serving you. New students should expect to receive more detailed information on this program soon.