Office of Institutional Advancement

Stewarship and Donor Relations Goals & Mission Statement

In June of 2016, a dedicated Office of Stewardship and Donor Relations was established at Morehouse under the umbrella of Institutional Advancement in order to maintain positive and mutually-rewarding relations between the College and its donors.

Placing laser focus attention on the timely, transparent and careful management of gifts entrusted to Morehouse, the Office of Stewardship and Donor Relations is specifically responsible for designing, implementing and coordinating a comprehensive, institution-wide stewardship program that consistently and appropriately promotes recognition of all donors at all levels.

Ultimately, Morehouse believes in and is committed to intentional, purposeful and relational interaction with every supporter. Carrying out this stewardship mission not only results in an affirming donor experience, but also encourages those who choose to invest in the life of the College, to move to their highest level of philanthropy.