Human Resource Office Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Where is the Human Resource Office Located?
A: The Morehouse College Office of Human Resources is located in the Gloster Hall Building on Morehouse College Campus 830 Westview Dr Atlanta GA 30314 Room 100.


Applying for a Job


Q: How can I apply for a job?
A: Applicants may go online to to view and apply all available positions.


Q: How often are positions posted for Morehouse College?
A: Positions are posted on an as need basis depending on the institutions needs.


Q: How can I apply for a Faculty position?
A: To apply for Faculty positions you may contact the actual department in which you are interested in applying for. Positions for Faculty areas are not posted on the Morehouse College job board.




Q: If I am not eligible for Benefits at Morehouse College can I purchase coverage through the College?
A: No. You may contact individual Health Care providers to purchase personal coverage. (i.e. Kaiser/Blue Cross Blue Shield)


Q: When can I enroll in medical coverage?
A: Unless you are a new employee, and enroll within your first 30 days, or have a qualifying status change, you may only make changes to your coverage during open enrollment. Open enrollment normally takes place Mid November thru Mid December to be effective the first day of the following year.


Q: When is open enrollment?
A: Open enrollment for Morehouse College Employees usually runs Mid-November until Mid-December of a calendar year. This is kicked off annually by the Employee Benefit Fair. Contact your Manager of Benefits Programs for more details.


Q: What is a qualifying status?
A: A qualifying status is a time period of 30 days which you may elect to make changes on your Benefit coverage. This period is only open due to the birth, adoption, or custody of a child, marriage, divorce, change in employment status of employee or spouse, or change in spousesí coverage.


Q: What is FMLA?
A: FMLA is a program designed to protect your employment status for up to 12 weeks on an annual basis if you become ineligible to return to work due to your illness or the illness of an immediate family member.


Q: When do I apply for FMLA?
A: You must apply for FMLA 30 days before you are scheduled to be on leave from work (if known), or after three consecutive days of absence. FMLA forms may be obtained online at or your personal TigerNet account.


Q: Who currently administers the Optional Life, Short Term, & Long Term Disability plans?
A: Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is the provider. Enrollment forms are currently available on your TigerNet account and employees may enroll at any point throughout the year. Employees pay 100% of the premium cost of additional life and any Short term or Long Term coverage. Morehouse College provides Life insurance at 1xís your basic annual salary up to $100,000 at no cost to the employee.


Q: What is the Cafeteria Plan?
A: The Cafeteria/ Flexible Spending plan is designed for employees to set aside funds for medical or dependent care. These funds are Pre-Taxed dollars that can assist in lowering your annual taxable income. You can only enroll into the Cafeteria Plan during your institutions open enrollment or within 30 days of initial employment.


Q: Will the Cafeteria Plan account continue annually?
A: No. You must re-enroll into this account every year during open enrollment to continue your participation.


Retirement Plans


Q: What are the available retirement plans?
A: Morehouse College offers two retirement plans to employees. Valic Retirement and TIAA-CREF. Employees may make contributions to either of these programs as of their first day of service. After a year of service, Morehouse College matches each employees contribution at the percentages listed below. Employees who have met the one year period at another institution will be eligible for the match immediately.


Employee Contribution Morehouse College Match
0% 3%
2% 4%
5% 6%


Percentages are based on an employees annual base salary


Q: Can I contribute more than 2% or 5% to my retirement fund?
A: Yes. You can contribute additional money other than the percentage of your salary that will be matched. There are two types of accounts for your contributions. All money that will be matched is placed into a (GRA) Group Retirement Annuity Account. Any additional money that is contributed is placed into a (GSRA) Group Supplemental Retirement account. The money allocated to the GSRA account is not matched by Morehouse.


Q: How do I sign up for my retirement fund?
A: Enrollment forms are available on your personal TigerNet account. You may enroll into your account at anytime during the Calendar year.