Questions and Answers


What other services are performed?
IAAS is committed to providing advisory services to the college in order to increase awareness of certain control and ethical issues and to provide an independent review and appraisal on a proactive basis to address specifically identified concerns. The following represents the types of additional services offered:


  • Review publications and reports
  • Assistance in developing written policies and procedures
  • Assistance in developing management’s response to and implementation of recommendations in the audit report


What is The Morehouse Ethics Line?
The Morehouse Ethics Line is a 24/7 service available to Morehouse employees to anonymously report suspected instances of improper or unethical behavior. Ethics Line calls are received by an independent third party and an incident report is provided to the CAO.


The CAO investigates all incident reports and his findings are provided to the President and the Chairman of the Audit Committee.


To whom does Internal Auditing and Advisory Services report?
The Chief Auditor Officer and the Department of Internal Auditing and Advisory Services have an equal reporting the relationship to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and to the President. This structure maintains the department’s independence and promotes broad audit coverage. However, vice presidents and deans may request an audit or review of departments for which they have oversight.


Why was I selected to be audited?
Based upon an on-going, college-wide risk assessment program of its internal controls, several internal audits and reviews are conducted annually. The objective is to accomplish a continuous cycle of audits or reviews of major college functions within a 48-month time frame. Our office also conducts audits, reviews and follow-ups necessitated by recommendations of the external auditors. The schedule remains flexible to allow for unscheduled audits and reviews if special or emergency situations arise.


What is the typical length of an audit or review?
Depending on its scope and complexity, audits typical require approximately one month to perform. The auditor-in-charge will give you a reasonable estimate of the time allotted to complete the audit. Reviews typically require less time to complete than audits.


What should I expect?
Initially you will receive an engagement letter or call from Chief Audit Officer. This letter will define the objectives of the audit or review and generally describe the process. You will then be contacted in order to schedule an entrance conference to discuss the scope and the logistics of the engagement. At this initial meeting, you should take the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have and determine how you can provide input to facilitate the process. A typical audit/review has several stages, including preliminary research; data collection; analysis, review, report preparation and distribution; and follow-up. Note that some audits and reviews may not follow the process outlined above.


How will the findings and recommendations be reported, and will I be able to respond?
You and your staff will be kept apprise of the auditor’s findings throughout the course of the audit or review. At its conclusion, you will be given the opportunity to review a draft of the report. An exit conference will be schedule to discuss the draft and receive any comments you have. The objective of the exit conference is to disclose any errors of fact contained in the draft. You will be given two to four weeks to provide a written response as to actions to be taken for each the recommendations.


Our staff is available for any assistance you may need during the process of preparing your response and in defining and developing the actions to implement the recommendations. During the course of any subsequent audits or reviews of your department, we will follow-up on your response to ensure that appropriate corrective action was taken. The above process may be modified if necessary.


Final reports are distributed to the President, the Provost, and the vice president or dean with specific oversight of your department. You may also receive a copy of the final report.


Where should I direct any questions?

C.O. Hollis Jr., CPA, CIA, CFE
Chief Audit Officer
Department of Internal Auditing and Advisory Services

Telephone: 404-614-8562
Fax: 404-653-7743
Electronic Mail:

Morehouse College
Department of
Internal Auditing and Advisory Services
830 Westview Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30314