Trio Programs

Student Support Services

Program Manager: Malcolm B. Williams
Telephone: (404)653-7835
The Morehouse College Student Support Services Program is sponsored wholly by the United States Department of Education. The program is designed to increase the college's retention rate and promote the growth and development of an institutional climate supportive of the success of program participants.

The program provides an interconnected series of academic support services: study skills development, peer tutoring, and academic and personal counseling.
Our mission includes providing students with the academic, cultural, and career-oriented activities designed to support academic life at Morehouse College while fostering healthy intellectual, social and moral development during the student's college experience.

Services Provided

Academic Advisement and Counseling
Workshops, lectures, and programs designed to complement the intellectual experience received in the classroom. Assistance for students with disabilities to enable them to compete and successfully matriculate through the college.
Personal counseling and where necessary, referrals to other service providers.
Counseling and information on scholarships and financial aid.