Department of Telecommunications

Director: Dr. Herbert L. Charles
Office: Telecommunications Technology Complex, Room 223
Telephone: (404)614-8658
Fax: (404)614-8573

The objectives of the multidisciplinary Telecommunications Program are to develop the abilities of students to deal with major telecommunication issues on a multidisciplinary basis and, in the process, to build leaders in the social, technical, political, and administrative sectors of the pervasive and rapidly expanding realm of telecommunications. To achieve this goal, the program will include courses from Morehouse College, Georgia Tech, Ohio University and other Atlanta university Center member institutions.

The multidisciplinary program leading to a minor in telecommunications is unique in the breadth it gives those concerned with the technology, planning, and management of telecommunication systems. Specifically, it includes technical survey courses concerned with existing and future telecommunications, their cost effectiveness, their capacity for expansion, and the trends in telecommunications.

The program included detailed studies of the management and political aspects of telecommunications, such as management practices/structures, government usage of telecommunications, regulation and law, and procedures o the local, national, and international level. Also included are studies on the sociological economic, and technological impact of telecommunications.

The other key components of the program are (a) the laboratory component, and (b) the research component. The state of the art laboratory will include the necessary hardware and software required to do network design, builds, and testing. The research component will make use of collaborations between Morehouse and Georgia Tech.

The scope of the program involves a number of traditional schools and departments. These include Business, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Finance, Management, Information Systems, Political Science, etc. The program will also make use of the assistance of supporting programs and experts outside Morehouse College, Atlanta University Center institutions, and Georgia Tech.

In the multidisciplinary approach to telecommunications, students can pursue emphasis tracks in technology, management, and policy. Accordingly, it is this broad approach to telecommunications that will enable Morehouse to produce telecommunications and other institutional leaders for the future.

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Educating the Telecommunications Leaders of Tomorrow