Department of Psychology


Chair: Dr. Sinead Younge 
Office Location: Dansby Hall, Room 210
Office Number: (470) 639-0593 

The objectives of the Morehouse College Psychology Department are:

  1. To equip students with an understanding of basic and evolving theories and concepts in psychology;
  2. To provide a strong foundation for understanding the basic principles of research in the behavioral sciences;
  3. To prepare students, academically and professionally, for advanced graduate training in psychology and related fields;
  4. To provide students with an awareness of the African American experience, and other cultural perspectives as they relate to psychology;
  5. To equip students with skills and experiences for understanding and working effectively with social and psychological issues encountered by African Americans and other communities;
  6. To enhance the liberal arts experience with training in effective written and oral communication skills;
  7. To encourage and provide training in critical and analytical reading, writing and thinking;
  8. To encourage ethical behavior, reflecting the values of the discipline of psychology as informed by the mission of Morehouse College; and
  9. To foster self-understanding, self-improvement, psychological health and insight into behavior.  

Department of Psychology Presents:

Schedule of Brown Bag Presenters, 2018-2019: