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SPRING 2007 

Dr. Willie Rockward, assistant professor in the Department of Physics, became the first recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Distinguished Mentor Award during the Spring Semester 2006-07 (see page three of newsletter below).  The College committed to make this annual award as a partner with the University of Florida under their Science for Life initiative which was funded in July 2006.      
The recipient of  this  award will receive an annual  stipend of $5,000 per year for two years to support their research program and academic pursuits.     
The selection process assessed the faculty for their research programs, undergraduate training and endorsement of graduate school. Dr. Rockward represented an exemplary faculty member due to his active research program in optics and materials sciences, multiple research collaborations (e.g. RPI, Colorado State, Northeastern University, University of Florida & University of Central Florida) consistent student mentoring, and long-term sponsorship of the Spring graduate school tour.  
The selection committee included

Dr. David Cooke, Chair of the Biology Department, Morehouse College;
Dr. Randolph Duran, Chemistry Professor and HHMI Principal Investigator, University of Florida;
Dr. J.P. Brown, Director of the Office for Research Careers, Morehouse College; and
Dr. J.K. Haynes, Dean, Division of Science and Mathematics, Morehouse College

HHMI Newsletter

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