Department of Modern Foreign Languages



Michael F. Dillon
Chair and Associate Professor of Spanish
(404) 215-2605

Educational Background:
Ph.D. University of Alabama
M.A., University of Alabama
B.A., Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Areas of Expertise:
Latin American Cinema, Linguistics, Instructional Technoloy and Ecuadorian Literature.


Vivian Brown
Associate Professor of French
(404) 572-3673

Educational Background:
Ph.D., Emory University
M.A., Atlanta University
B.A., Hampton University


Gloria da Cunha
Professor of Spanish
(404) 215-2205

Educational Background:
Ph.D.,University of Georgia

  Diedra Haydel

Jose A Larrauri-Santiago
Instructor of Spanish
(404) 572-3659

Educational Background:
Ph.D., Emory University
M.A., Inter American University of Puerto Rico; M.A., University of Phoenix
B. A., University of Puerto Rico

Areas of Expertise
Teaching Spanish as a foreign language and teaching Hispanic Literature and Cultures.


Patricia Pogal
Associate Professor of Spanish

Educational Background:
Ph.D., Harvard University

  Barbara Williams
M.A. University of Florida
MBA Clark Atlanta University
Instructor of Spanish

Haakayoo Nobui Zoggyie
Associate Professor of Spanish

Educational Background: Dr. Zoggyie earned his doctorate from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. His Master's was at the University of Alberta in Canada, whilst his B.A. was acquired at the University of Ghana in Accra, in Spanish & Sociology.

Areas of Expertise
Contemporary Latin American novel, dramatic text, and lyricism; the 19th Century Spanish Realist Novel; and African Literature..

Recent Publications:
He is the author of IN SEARCH OF THE FATHERS: The Poetics of Disalienation in the Novelistic Work of Two Contemporary Afro-Hispanic Writers, a book length study of the narrative of Manuel Zapata Olivella (Colombia) and Carlos Guillermo Wilson (Panama). He is also the author of "Transgressive Tales, Subversive Laughs: Reading Carlos Guillermo's CHOMBO as Satire" (CLA Journal, December 2003); and "Lengua e identidad en Chango, el gran putas, de Manuel Zapata Olivella" (Afro-Hispanic Review, Spring 2001), to name but a few.