Department of History

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Lenora Smith
Location: Brawley Hall, Room 202
Phone: (404)215-2620

Goals & Objectives
The Department of History's aims, goals, and objectives are determined by the general mission and objectives of Morehouse College, one of the nation's premier educational institution and the only one dedicated primarily to the education and nurturing of black men. Our primary purpose at Morehouse is the development of men who will aspire to be leaders in both the general society and African-American communities.

The College's emphasis on character development is aided especially in courses such as Great Men and Women of America and Modern American Social and Intellectual Thought, while the History of the United States, African-American History and History of the Ancient World provide students a broad background upon which to build knowledge from other disciplines.

In addition to providing a program of instruction, counseling and extracurricular activities that will aid students to better understand the world in which they live, how it works and the dynamics of social change, the Department also prepares students for graduate study, public history and historical preservation and law school, as well as careers in government, the ministry, business and teaching.

To accomplish these aims, the Department expects students at the time of graduation to have attained the following:

    1. The ability to make reasonable value judgments;

    2. The ability to analyze and synthesize facts;

    3. The ability to engage in independent scholarly endeavors;

    4. The ability to understand and coordinate knowledge from other disciplines;

    5. A scholarly, informed understanding of the cultural heritage of African-American people;

    6. A knowledge and appreciation of cultures other than one's own;

    7. A demonstrated capacity and ability to speak as well as write cogently, effectively and;

    8. A commitment to community service.