Department of History


To major in history, a student must successfully complete 60 semester hours, including HIS 111-112, HIS 215-216, HIS 221-222, one semester of HIS 231, one semester of HIS 232, HIS 257-258, HIS 261, HIS 373, HIS 461, and ENG 353.

The remaining 18 hours should be taken from among departmentally approved electives. Students may use these elective hours as a minor concentration.

Freshmen majors with outstanding performances in History 111 may, upon the recommendation of their instructor and the approval of the department chair, take sophomore-level courses during the second semester of their freshman year.

The department grants its majors credit for one semester each of United States History and History of Modern Europe for Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level (CLEP) examinations upon presentation of AP scores of three or above or similar level CLEP scores. Majors may also take a departmentally prepared and administered examination which may lead to three hours credit in United States History. Students must make a score of 75 or above on this examination.

History majors who are eligible for general honors may also try for departmental Honors in History through the Honors course in History, but this course may not be taken by other students except upon approval of the Departments. Departmental Honors will be awarded to students who successfully complete the requirements of History 491-492 or 493-494, with a cumulative average of at least 3.0 and a favorable recommendation from the instructor.