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Congratulatons Graduates 2012!

Nii Darku Dodoo Nii Darku Dodoo
Dequan Carreker Nii Dodoo


First Year Scholars

First Year Scholars

Nii Darku Dodoo Nii Darku Dodoo
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Research Mentor: Dr. Ulrica Wilson
Research Topic: Construct a system of codewords from a cyclic division algebra that satisfies the criteria addressing the challenge of transmitting information accurately across noisy channels.
Derwin Gray Derwin Gray
Major: Biology and Spanish
Year: Junior
Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia
Research Mentor: Dr. Alexandra Peister
Research Topic: Measure the efficiency of commercial stem cell growth and differentiation media.
Joshua Jones Joshua Jones
Major: Biology
Minor: Neuroscience
Year: Junior
Hometown: Fayetteville, Georgia
Research Mentor: Dr. Valerie Haftel
Research Topic: Diabetes and its negative effects on the structure and function of sensory neurons.
Christopher Spears Christopher Spears
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biology and Mathematics
Year: Junior
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Research Mentors: Dr. Duane Jackson and Dr. Brian Lawrence
Research Topic: Production of resin-bound unnatural amino acids, which serve as intermediates in a variety of reactions.
Nicholas Speller Nicholas Speller
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Minor: Mathematics
Year: Junior
Hometown: Cartersville, Georgia, USA
Research Mentors: Dr. Gary Bassell and Dr. Claudia Fallini (Emory University)
Research Topic: Association of the Unr-Interacting Protein Unrip with the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Disease Protein SMN in Motor Neuron Axons.


Second Year Scholars

Nii Darku Dodoo

Dequan Carreker
Major:  Biology
Year:  Sophomore
Hometown:  New Brunswick, New Jersey
Research Mentor:  Dr. Mark Shriver
Research Topic:  Genomics/Understand and Map Human Biodiversity

Derwin Gray

Brandon Connor
Major:  Computer Science and Math
Year:  Sophomore
Hometown:  St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Research Mentor:  Dr. Amos Johnson
Research Topic:  Wireless Technology

Joshua Jones

Ricardo Dunmoodie
Major:  Biology
Year:  Freshman
Hometown:  Laurel, Maryland
Research Mentor:  Dr. Lenard Anderson (Morehouse School of Medicine)
Research Topic:  Cardiovascular Disease

Christopher Spears

Theodur Uzamere
Major:  Biology
Year:  Freshman
Hometown:  Atlanta, Georgia
Research Mentor: Dr. Wallace Sharif
Research Topic:  Molecular Biology of Aging

Nicholas Speller

Edward Washington
Major:  Biology
Year:  Junior
Hometown:  Englewood, New Jersey
Research Mentor:  Dr. Michael Powell (Morehouse School of Medicine)
Research Topic:  Proteomics: HIV1 proteins



Third Year Scholars

Top: Peter Kioko, Matthew Ellis (alternate), Devin Hursey
Bottom: Lonnie Sullivan, Adewale Adekoya, David B. Cooke III (Program Director), Chidiadi Wamuo, Elijah Martin
Not pictured: Ja-Mes Watson

Lonnie Sullivan

Lonnie Sullivan
Major: Biology
Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Research Mentor: Alexandra Peister
Research Topic: Induced Differentiation of Embryonic and Mesenchymal Stem Cells Into Skeletal Myoblasts

Peter Kioko

Peter Kioko
Major: Biology
Minor: Public Health
Hometown: Austell, GA
Research Mentor: Dr. Triscia Hendrickson
Research Topic: Identifying Tubulin Binding Sites of IC 138-IC 140

Adewale Adekoya

Adewale Adekoya
Major: Biology
Hometown: Clarkesville, MD
Research Mentor: Dr. Lawrence Blumer

Chidiadi Wamuo

Chidiadi Wamuo
Major: Biology
Hometown: Farmington, CT
Research Mentor: Dr. Godwin Ananaba
Research Topic: Using Nanoparticles Delivery to Evaluate Prostate Cancer Gene Expression

Devin Hursey

Devin Hursey
Major: Psychology
Minor: Music
Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Research Mentor: Dr. David Rice

Ja-Mes Watson

Ja-Mes Watson
Major: Applied Physics/Architectural Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Research Mentor: Dr. Olaytidoye

Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis - Alternate
Major: Biology
Hometown: Lithonia, GA
Research Mentor: Dr. Byron Ford
Research Topic: Synchronization of the Circadian System Under Ultra Long Day Length