The New General Education Experience

Signatures of the General Education Experience

Drum Major Experience Designation: Seminars aligned to Crown-­Forum

All Morehouse  students are required to attend 36 Crown Forum events over their four years at the College. As part of the General Education Experience, co-horts of students will be required to take seminars with a Drum Major Experience designation in which they will relate issues explored in the seminar to ideas presented in Crown Forum. The seminars are designed to invite students to grapple with big issues and engage in service learning projects to discover how to apply knowledge to real world problems. 

Students will be required to take two seminars: one during a semester in their first year and another one in their second year.

Coding Across the Curriculum

The General Education Experience will empower students to go beyond end use of digital technology. In addition to learning how programmatic thinking and coding can naturally manifest in their discipline, through the coding across the curriculum requirement or coding education, students will learn how to create products for end-­‐users in specialized contexts that can be applied in their discipline and careers. In the process, they will expand their knowledge base, learn how to analyze data, and discover how to present their results in meaningful ways that are immediately relevant to today’s job market.