The New General Education Experience

Signatures of the General Education Experience

Black Life History and Culture Seminars aligned to Crown Forum

Students are required to pass two (2) BLHAC Crown Forum seminars, and thereafter attend five (5) required Crown Forum events each semester. Additionally, over the course of their matriculation at Morehouse, students must attend a minimum of four (4) Crown Forum events that are offered but not determined by the College (but may be determined by a course instructor). Based on his classification upon entering Morehouse, a transfer student can complete the Crown Forum requirement by attending a minimum number of Free Elective Crown Forum events as determined by the Office of the Assistant Provost for Student Success. Once the maximum number of points (60) has been reached, students are invited to each Crown Forum event but are no longer required to have their attendance recorded for academic credit unless required by a course instructor.  Surplus points will not be shown as Crown Forum credits.

  • BLHAC Seminar Crown Forum ::20pts:: Students will earn 10 pts for each successful completion of a BHLAC seminar, with the expectation that they complete two courses with this designation. These 20 points can only be earned through the completion of these seminars.  Failure to earn a C or better in the seminar means that the student does not earn the Crown Forum credit associated with the seminar.
    BLHAC Seminar students will attend Crown Forum events with their professor and classmates where attendance will be taken.  Seminar students must attend a total of six events during the semester.  Seminar students must attend all Ceremonial and Mandatory Crown Forum events. Additional Crown Forums may be required by the BLHAC course instructor and students will be required to ensure their attendance has been recorded as instructed.
  •  Beyond the BLHAC Seminar ::40pts:: Students will earn points toward this requirement by attending the following events:
    • Ceremonial Crown Forum ::3pts:: Students will earn three points for attending Opening Convocation and Founder’s Day Crown Forum. 
    • Mandatory Crown Forum ::2pts:: Students will earn two points for attending Howard Thurman Crown Forum, Scholars Day, Senior Day, and
    • Free Elective Crown Forum ::1pt::  Students will earn 1pt for each Traditional Crown Forum, and Crown Forum after dark event and other possibilities (not to exceed the 60 point maximum).  

Coding Across the Curriculum

We further hope that the General Education Experience will eventually help empower students to go beyond end use of digital technology. We will continue to work to define and adopt a “coding across the curriculum” requirement, through which students will learn how to not just use technology but manipulate the technologies relevant to a discipline and a career. We are currently not including this element into the general education curriculum but expect that it will be considered in future iterations. We expect the need for this skill to grow over time and to be an important addition.