The New General Education Experience


Note that students will be required to adhere to all rules and guidelines. We strongly recommend students attend sessions on General Education, actively participate in academic advising, and complete an academic plan to ensure that all General Education courses are covered.

Gen Ed and Major overlap not prohibited by Gen Ed :: We stipulate no guidelines within the general education framework that explicitly prohibits a course counting both for general education and for a major. However, this should be considered in the context of the caveat below.

  • Consider major requirements :: majors may require a certain number of courses outside of the discipline of the major. This is independent of general education and students will need to look to the major requirements for guidance on these matters.
  • No two discovery-based sciences in the same department :: To fulfill the general education requirement, the two science courses, in addition to having the designation of discovery-based, must come from two distinct science departments in the division—namely, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, and Psychology.
  • Courses in Arts, Ideas & Ethics, Society & Culture from at least four different departments or programs :: To fulfill the general education requirement, the five courses required to cover these three areas can overlap in only one department or program.
  • Courses from that Arts, Ideas & Ethics, Society & Culture and Scientific Discovery from at least six different departments or programs:: There could conceivably be discovery-based science courses that fit into the area of Society & Culture or Ideas & Ethics. Should that be the case, this constraint is to limit the overlap in departments across these collection of areas, not just within the collection of areas.