The New General Education Experience

The Distribution Areas (36-45 Credit Hours)


Morehouse College offers a range of courses for students seeking a rewarding college experience. The General Education Experience utilizes a distribution course model that allows Morehouse students to have choices rather than a prescribed model of courses as currently in place. However, more choices often lead to less success. Therefore, to ensure that our students develop the academic foundations they need, all Morehouse students, no matter their major, must successfully complete courses in the following distribution areas before graduation (subject to change):

  • English Composition and Research Writing (8 Credit Hours)
    • At least one Literature course
  • Modern Foreign Languages through MFL202 (0-­‐12 Credit Hours – depends of placement)

  • Mathematics and Statistics, and Scientific Discovery (9 Credit Hours)
    • At least one math course and its related laboratory component
    • At least one biological or physical science course and its related laboratory component
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (16 Credit Hours from different disciplines)
    • Two courses in the social sciences
    • One Philosophy and Religion course
    • One History course
    • One course in The Arts
    • Physical Education
      • Physical Activity and Life-­‐Skills Fitness (1 Credit Hour or active participation in an approved College Activity throughout the semester)

 *Introduction to Service Learning


Additional Requirements:

  • At least two courses must have the Black Life History and Culture designation
  • At least one course must have an Ethics designation
  • At least two courses must have a Crown Forum seminar designation 
  • Departments, programs, and majors may have specific recommendations for foundation course work in addition to the College’s general education requirements.
  • General Education courses will have no prerequisites that are outside of the General Education curriculum that cannot be met through placement assessments.
  • To promote interdisciplinary and integrative learning, a single course may meet more than one outcome, but cannot be double counted towards the 36 credit total.