Department of Computer Science



The following courses in Computer Science are required:

CSC 106 Introduction to Computer Science 
CSC 110 Computer Programming I
CSC 160 Computer Programming II
CSC 260 Computer Organization
CSC 285 Discrete Structures
CSC 310 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
CSC 311 Introduction to Theory of Computation
CSC 375 Operating Systems
CSC 410 Database Systems
CSC 415 Organization of Programming Languages
CSC 435 Software Engineering
CSC 361 Junior Seminar
CSC 461 Senior Seminar

The following Mathematics courses are required:

MTH 161 Calculus 1
MTH 162 Calculus II
MTH 271 Linear Algebra
MTH 253 Set Theory or MTH 211 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 341 Probability and Statistics

The following Science courses are required:

BIO 111 General Biology
PHY 154 Mechanics
PHY 253 Electric and Magnetism

Plus 9 hours of 400 level CS electives