Douglass Academic Resource Center

Student-Athlete Support

The Morehouse athletics philosophy is identical to the College’s mission of continuing the long tradition of producing outstanding leaders. As such, the Douglass Academic Resource Center operates under the premise that each athlete is first and foremost a student. Thus, the Center integrates its support of more than 180 student athletes with those of the College community. However, we understand that competing in college sports requires a commitment of the Center and the Coaches to help each student-athlete achieve his academic and athletic potential.

Study Hall Requirements:

6 hours per week (fall/spring) of mandatory study hall are required for all incoming first year (freshmen and transfer) and upper-class student-athletes (returning and transfer) with a cumulative GPA of 2.49 or lower.

Students report to Douglass Hall and are monitored by the Athletic Academic Advisement and Enhancement Specialist or Douglass Academic Resource Center staff. Routine attendance reports are sent to coaches.

The following services and expectations are echoed throughout the year:

  • Agency is key for our student-athletes. Failure to attend to academic matters, including attending class regularly, Crown Forum, study halls, meeting with your professors or academic advisor as required and on demand, etc., will be reported to coaches. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to correctly sign in and out with the monitor using the scanners or sign in sheets available
  • course registration advisement audit is required of all student-athletes.  Like all students, student-athletes are also assigned a faculty advisor when they declare a major. Athletes who have not declared a major prior to earning 48 credit hrs risk becoming ineligible.
  • The Center staff is available for special topics workshops for student- athletes during New Student Orientation and upon request
  • Assistance in identifying credit bearing courses to meet a college expectation of 15 credit hrs each semester (not 12 needed for full time enrollment) is required and explicitly expressed on a new course registration advisement form. Some student-athletes may complete more than 15 credit hrs in their off season or less during season with a goal of 30 credit hrs a year in order to graduate in 4 years or ahead of schedule. A student who fails to earn nine hrs in a semester/maintain a 2.0 GPA (may be higher for some sports) is ruled ineligible. See the Compliance Officer for additional eligibility requirements or when in doubt.
  • Although the College's standards are higher than required for eligibility, a second check audit with Athletic Advisement and Academic Skills Enhancement Specialist is required to ensure that proposed courses for upperclass student-athletes are in compliance with the academic rules and regulations of the SIAC and the NCAA. Student-athletes should schedule this appointment early and prior to the last day of Drop/Add. This audit does not replace the advisement required with a faculty advisor in the major.
  • Morehouse College does not have an excused absence policy for college sanctioned events. Therefore, student-athletes are encouraged to inform their professors when they will be away competing for the college if such travel conflicts with class times and requirements as early as possible. Students should consider their travel and practice schedule when determining courses and class times
  • Tutors, including other student-athletes, are available in Douglass Hall,  academic spaces, and residential houses. Tutoring does not replace the need for regular class attendance and active engagement in courses
  • Faculty can notify coaches when student-athletes are not attending class or are underperforming through an online faculty referral form or a student-athlete performance form
  • The Athletic Advisement and Academic Skills Enhancement Specialist and Douglass Academic Resource Center staff provide individual counseling and workshops to students who are underperforming at midterm and on probation. These services are open to all students regardless of performance
  • Student-athletes are required to see their academic advisor and the Athletic Advisement and Academic Skills Enhancement Specialist before withdrawing from a course as withdrawing may impact eligibility
  • Students-athletes are encouraged to attend Summer School as deemed appropriate
  • Students who are not eligible are not allowed to participate in sports until they meet the eligibility requirements
  • Student-athletes in need of support or who want an opportunity to address  academic issues can conduct a self-assessment that will be sent to the Academic Resource Center