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In 2011, Dr. Terry Mills, former Dean of the Humanities and later Dean of Research and Sponsored Programs, engineered securing a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation for the implementation of the Morehouse College Cinema, Television, & Emerging Media Studies Program (CTEMS). The overall mission of CTEMS is to provide quality introduction to the intellectual and artistic study of film and television with primary focus on the craft of storytelling as the foundation for impactful creative productivity. The program prepares students for further study at the graduate school level and/or for professional entry-level careers across visual storytelling industries. The major emphasis is on screenwriting in addition to film analysis, film history and culture (the domestic and international beginnings and development of film), African American cinema, film theory and criticism, cinematic vocabulary, film production, and transmedia storytelling. To declare the CTEMS major, students may submit the CTEMs major application during the designated period each semester.

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